Name  To find the right name for a boat is not easy. But there is still some time to get an inspiration for a name.

Type  It’s a TRIDENT 27 build in the year 1979 by Quorning in Denmark. There is not much information available about this early type, but it’s the forerunner of the Dragonfly Trimarans from were several hundred were produced. Generally the design is made for day-sailing and cruising in coastal waters.

Specifications  Length: 27 feet (8.40 meters), with: 6.00 m, draft (min): 0.4 m, draft (max): 1.4 m, weight: 1.2 – 1.5 tons, hull material: epoxy and wood

Sails  Main sail: 24 m², genoa 20 m², spinnaker 70 m², genaker 50 m²

Engine  Well.. there is not really an engine. An outboard engine (6hp) will help entering marinas and avoid crazy docking manoeuvres under sail..

Speed  cruising speed: 8 – 10 kn, max. crazy, “I’m super man” speed: up to 14 kn.

Energy: At the moment two old solar cells. A new SAILING GEN (hydro-generator) with a max. output of 15 Amp.



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