THE IDEA of a sailing project was growing slowly over the past years. So I was starting to save money two years ago. With a small budget and a bit more than just 1000 miles of experience in sailing I started to realize my dream. On a certain point I held a contract in my Hands and was a proud owner of a 27 foot trimaran. In that moment I realised that an new life episode had started. From now on I had to spend hours on planning and organising the project and preparing the boat for my adventures.

IT ALL STARTED on a Swiss lake, how far this journey will go is completely open. I don’t have a fixed plan or a destination. It doesn’t matter for this project because it’s like with everything in live, you never know what comes next. However, it’s not about reaching a destination, its about the experience of travelling.. it’s about sailing!

IT ALL CHANGED when I met a wonderful girl who was crazy enough to join this adventure.

ON OUR VIDEO DIARY on YouTube you can follow our adventures and be a part of it. There will be monthly video-updates. The aim of this documentary is to inspire other people in trying to realize their own dreams like we got inspired by other sailing documentaries. We hope you enjoy this story and maybe one day we meet somewhere out there.


Daniel & Nicole

4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Daniel, I have a blog which was mostly about my travels on my 11 m steel offshore sailboat Silas Crosby. I sold that boat 1 1/2 years ago and bought a Corsair F27 trimaran that I named Fly. Now I blog occasionally about my travels on the trimaran around coastal British Columbia. Huge fun. I will now have a look at your blog. Steve

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    1. Hey Steve!
      Thanks a lot for your comment! I had a look at your blog. It’s amazing to see someone is really travelling with that kind of a small boat.
      I was visiting BC three years ago. Unfortunately i didn’t hat the chance to do some sailing there.
      My plan is to do something similar like you here in Europe and maybe other places of the world. At the moment the trimaran is out of the water for repairs and to get ready for ocean sailing.
      I will keep you updated.
      Do you already hove some new cruising plans for the next season in BC?


  2. Hey you crazy people 😀
    Now I am again in a country where internet is very expensive. So I am sad not to be able to watch your video clips. So I enjoy now only the text.
    I wish you a happy New Year and I hope to meet you two sometimes somewhere in the world.
    Greetings from Newzeeland Anja Cabral


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