3 thoughts on “Hippos and Monkys, sailing up the Gambia river SAIL to FLY #43

  1. wonderfull Afrika Gambia, seems to be full of trees…animals and water..
    do they left also to Europe like the Senegalpeople?
    Good trip to Cabo verde


  2. You very like and thank you for recording. The Trans Gambia bridge will close the river, I check and get the aircraft will be only 16m, not so much for many boats. Can you confirm? This means no many can do what you have done. Enjoy Life and Sailing.


    1. Hi, thanks a lot! I don’t know the hight of the bridge. But if it will be 16m then it will be a barrier for bigger boats… that would be sad because the nice part of the river is upriver from the bridge.. Cheers, Daniel


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